Audrey Evans Portrait Audrey Evans
Audrey Evans Portrait

"She's got such a warm open Personality, But she's very strong-willed and an excellent business person."

"I welcome all questions and comments!"

As a troubled young child, I had to learn quick what it takes to survive. My roots were one foot in Peru and another in a world of disappointment. My beauty was never my friend, but my mother taught me that “beauty and power work together and jealousy will never go far.” I wanted to be a lawyer and I remember watching powerful women - I admired their sex appeal and strength. My girlfriend once offered to buy lunch on the school ground and, being my nosy self, I took a peek in her wallet. She had a lot of money, so I had to ask and she replied “I got a job.” Our birthdays were on the same day but a year apart and I knew that if I started now (14) I could have twice what she has. So I worked in everything and anything that I could and everywhere I went, I left my tracks. Real Estate became my true passion and I knew exactly what I wanted. Success has been nonstop ever since. The secret to it all is a family that loves you, friends that never give up hope, and drive.

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